YoYo - The interactive solution

Delivery within 48 hours.

Make use of a variety of sensors

One way to work with YoYo is by using NFC triggered content. This way you can make use of NFC stickers or tags and place them on the NFC reader. By making this connection, every time a product gets put on the NFC reader the content will change on the displays. It is also possible to reverse the process, where the content starts changing on the display when you lift the products up from the platform.

Thanks to the collaboration with Nexmosphere, you can use a wide range of sensors for YoYo. It is now possible to connect sensors such as sonar, touch buttons, physical buttons, air presence and distance sensors to YoYo. The combination of these sensors will now allow you to level up your customer experience! 

The interactive solution allows you to show images, videos and web pages on your Samsung Digital Signage Displays thanks to the triggers. It is possible to collect reports and statistics from the triggers to see which triggers perform best. The triggers are store to play. Trigger one or multiple displays within milliseconds by using YoYo!

The pricing for YoYo is €225 for the hardware kit (1 YoYo computer, 1 NFC reader and 5 NFC stickers), €90 per year for the license, and the shipping costs are depending on the country of destination.

Download the infosheet for more information