MagicINFO Workshop

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The MagicINFO workshop will give you an in depth understanding of MagicINFO features and is customized to your situation. A hands-on approach by creating your own playlist that you can work with straightaway. A combination between explanation and application lets you get the best out of the software to achieve your digital signage goals.

  • Customized to your situation
  • A MagicINFO specialist helps you with your set up
  • Create your playlist together with a MagicINFO specialist
  • At your location

Delivery within 48 hours.

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MagicINFO Workshop

MagicInfo Services offers workshops and online trainings for all end users, system managers and designers. It’s important to use MagicINFO effective. By exploring and applying the possibilities, you let the software reach its full potential. The training will provide more success in using MagicINFO and with that it will have more value for your company.