MagicINFO Training for Content

SKU 702002

During the Training for Content you will get all practical advice and knowhow from the MagicINFO consultant that learns you all about creating en publishing content. According to a set training program designed for content managers we walk through the full creation process.

  • Uploading files
  • Create content with the MagicINFO WebAuthor
  • How to create templates
  • Creating Playlists
  • The use of the different Playlist types
  • Creating Schedules
  • How to use all Scheduling options

This training will explain all features so you can use them effectively for your purposes.

What you get:

  • 3-hour online training session

Delivery within 48 hours.

475.00 Excl. VAT.

MagicINFO Trainer

“My name is Cor and it’s probably me you run into when you request a training. I train every MagicINFO end user who wants to learn more about the software’s features, or need help getting their strategy implemented. Over the years our team gained a wide experience in using MagicINFO and we helped hundreds of customers with their signage projects. So we came across a lot of questions that needed to be answered, issues that needed to be solved and also contributed to a lot of successful signage projects and created quite a few happy MagicINFO end users. And now it’s your turn! We offer different training programs that meet a variety of needs but serves one similar goal: to get you to love MagicINFO!”