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MagicINFO Installation on your premises

SKU 701001

A MagicINFO specialist will install MagicINFO in your network at your location. You take care of the server and once that’s ready we schedule a meeting for installation.

  • No IT hassle
  • High level secured
  • A MagicINFO specialist at your site
  • Software installation comes with non-expiring MagicINFO licenses (licenses are not included)

Delivery within 48 hours.

720.00 Excl. VAT.

MagicINFO Installation on your premises

Purchasing a MagicINFO license comes with an on premises installation of the latest MagicINFO 6 software housed in your own IT environment. This is especially suitable for organisation with a high interest in safety and keeping all data in house. MagicInfo Services can help install MagicINFO in your network and if needed, our system architect can create a well-thought-out process, ensuring that MagicINFO can be installed in your own IT environment as efficiently as possible.