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The demand for Real Time data management in digital signage keeps increasing. Here are a few examples:  the retail-sector prefers to offer up to date propositions, production companies would like to show the latest production figures and public transport has to show the correct departure-and-arrival times. A price adjustment needs to be implemented as we … Read more

Like to chat with your clients? Make sure you gain/get their attention. Everybody is fascinated by the weather, even gloomy, grey skies have an effect on people. Make sure you check the weather forecast as a retailer. React to the weather, such as heat, snow and rain, with digital signage to increase sales. Have a … Read more

Are you investing in digital signage for your shop? Don’t fall into the ‘content trap’. Creating and playing a playlist is simple. But do you want to reach its full potential? Then, adjust your content to the time of the day and the people in the stop/store/sales outlet. The best way is to think like … Read more

Data security is an extremely important subject for many businesses. Organisational networks are becoming more and more secure. How safe is MagicINFO and its narrowcasting-system? And is the MagicINFO software suitable for strictly secured networks? Data via network portals To get an answer to all of the above, it is important to know which data … Read more

According to IDC (International Data Corp), Samsung has again secured the top position in the digital signage-market for 2019. An accomplishment which has been reached for the past 22 quarters. At the same time, their world-wide market share is a staggering 33.9% with nearly 300,000 digital signage units. Recent results for the last quarter represent … Read more

Internal communication is a growing area of both opportunity and concern for many small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs). 77% of people say that being updated about company news helps their job performance—yet, 29% say that their company’s current method of internal communication isn’t working (Source). Businesses with poor internal communication are missing out on boosted productivity, employee advocacy … Read more